Pak/ed - Books

Pak/ed - Books

Software Development Rhythms: Using the Flexibility of Agile Software Practices in Combination

High Performance Parallel Database Processing and Grid Databases

F# for Scientists

Practical Text Mining with Perl and R

TCP/IP Architecture, Design, and Implementation in Linux

Spectral Logic and Its Applications for Design of Digital Devices

Using Aspect Oriented Programming for Trustworthy Software Development

Domain-Specific Modeling

Network Security: Current Status and Future Directions

Knowledge Discovery in Bioinformatics: Techniques, Methods, and Applications

A Course on Analysis of Communication Networks

The Web's Awake: Web Science and the Concept of Web Life

Data Modeling Fundamentals: A Practical Guide for IT Professionals

Computer Science Reconsidered: The Invocation Model of Process Expression

High Performance Switches and Routers

Data Mining the Web: Uncovering Patterns in Web Content, Structure, and Usage

Numerical Simulations and Case Studies Using Visual C++.Net

Knowledge Structures for Communications in Human-Computer Systems: General Automata-Based

Handbook of Virtual Humans

Data Mining Methods and Models

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